____phobia : When Truth penetrates into Reality

展期 Duration&Venue
10/8-10/23 水谷藝術 Waley Art、白舍藝術、台電大樓副樓展場
10/8-10/23 @Waley Art, White House Art, Taiwan power company exhibition hall

10/20-11/6 朋 丁 pon ding

開幕茶會 Opening party
10/15 14:00

座談 Artist Talk
10/15 15:00 韓國藝術家場 Korean Artist
16:00 台灣藝術家場 Taiwan Artist

策展人 楊雅翔|助理策展人 黃晴怡
Curator Ya-Shiang Yang|Assistant Curator Ching-Yi Huang

視覺設計Designer | 後文青

參展藝術家 | Artist
李聰慧(Tsung-Hui Lee) 
周明誼(Ming-Yi Chou) 
范曉嵐(Hsiao-Lan Fan) 
凌瑋隆Wei-Lung Lin) 
陳永賢(Yung-Hsien Chen) 
黃大原(Da-Yuan Huang) 
張明曜Ming-Yao Chang) 
趙璿(Hsuan Chao) 
蔡尚孚(Shang-Fu Tsai) 
김쇼나(Showna Kim) 
여인영(InYoung Yeo) 
김현경(HyeonKyung Kim) 
วิลาวัณย์ เวียงทอง(Wilawan Wiangthong) 

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The world is a chaos mix of truth and reality, truth is the world reflect people thinking, reality is the world where the entity being live in. Fear is the connection point of the two world and the anxiety in our daily life is the passageway. The two world would penetrate each other from time to time, therefore people can only live in the crevice of the two world with an unstable condition.

Feeling and sense may deceive, to see is not to believe, René Descartes’s demon may whisper to you, Hilary Putnam may put sleeping people in the vat and the Matrix may put we in the culture fluid. Everyone has fear, just in different degree. In fear, every people place in their own distinct reality. When the truth penetrate reality, our recognition of world and time will be distorted, hence, truth make people seems abnormal and insane.

However, what deceive us could be ourselves due to the need of being deceived. The cruel reality is often full of pain and defect, thus, living becoming lingchi, people rather not to live in reality. People have to construct an imaginary beautiful world to hide in in order to live, and the time in the illusory would become the happiest time ever in life.

If we looking into the abyss, we can see how the anxiety spill over the passageway and become kind of poison. This poison irrigating by fear would take shape in human mind, then devour you by coincidence anytime, anywhere.


感覺知覺時常會欺騙吾人,眼見並不一定為真,笛卡兒(René Descartes)的惡魔可能在耳邊輕輕呢喃,可能有天普南(Hilary Putnam)將熟睡的我們悄悄地放入瓶中,也許母體(Matrix)讓我們像孩子般沉浸在營養液裡。恐懼每個人都會有,但程度不同。在恐懼裡,我們每個人所處的真實不同,真實會滲透到現實裡,真實會改變對於現實世界的認知,真實使我們看起來異常,使我們看起來瘋狂,使我們扭曲對空間時間的感知。